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    School Management System Software ERP with School Website. Student/Teacher/Parents Panel, Academic Operations. LMS, Exams, Student & Staff Management

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No Per Student Charges. No Monthly/Yearly Charges

Most Affordable School Software

School Management Software System

Easy to Use

It's easy to work on the Online School Management System. No need for special training to get started with the software. All you need is the basic knowledge of operating a computer.

Online School Software

Powerful Features

We provide all the features you will need to run your school. You can easily manage student profiles. Exam procedures, track expenses, interact with parents. Collect payments and print documents.

Best School ERP Software App

Go Paperless

Make your school eco friendly. Using the School Management software, you can digitize all your documents. It allows you to save resources related to paperwork. And also to ease the sharing of documents. Their indexing but also to ensure availability and archiving.

Best School Management Software

Unlimited Students

School software allows you to add unlimited students. Teachers, parents, data anything as much as you want. There is no limit to anything.

Manage Multiple Branches

School ERP comes with powerful feature of Managing multiple branches/campuses of your school with single panel.

Super Admin can add and manage multiple branches without any extra cost.

Each branch has its own website and dashboard. Separate Accounting, Reports, Human Resources, Payroll etc.

Online Classroom

Our School Management Software is a modern platform to improve the teaching experience at your institution, by allowing your students to continue their studies from the comfort of their home.

Our software comes with a powerful feature of live online classroom. It allows teachers and students to communicate remotely and continue with their school work, through school software.

School Website

Our System comes with a free mobile-friendly responsive school website. Today, more than ever, people are spending more and more time on the Internet. So having a website for a school is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The image of the school is something significant. And a website allows you to represent it as you want.

Each Branch of your school has own school website. You can choose your design. Add unlimited pages and data without any extra cost.

Why School Management System?

If you are looking for a solution to improve the quality of administration and the management of your school, take part in the digital school revolution. Our School ERP Software meets all your needs. It is a web and mobile-based school software. That can simplify all the daily tasks that you have to face in an educational or training institution.

Best School Management System

Cost Saving

You need not pay any monthly/yearly charges. There is No per-student charges and hidden charges. Just pay only one time. And use our School ERP Software for a lifetime.

Online School Software

Feature Rich

It is full of powerful features. That is design to automate several management processes, according to the needs of the school.

Institute Management System

Fully Responsive

It is mobile-friendly software. Access it from your smartphone or tablet. Nothing to install, nothing to upgrade!

College Management System Software

Anytime, Anywhere

All you need is an Internet connection. And a computer or mobile or any other connected device. And you're ready to go.

Everything You Need to Manage Your School

Features of School Management System
  • Master Admin Panel

  • Admin Panel

  • Student Panel

  • Parents Panel

  • Teacher Panel

  • Accountant Panel

  • Librarian Panel

  • Multi Branch

  • School Website

  • LMS

  • Registration

  • Academic Years

  • Study Material

  • Homework

  • Live Online Classes

  • Payroll

  • Class Management

  • Section Management

  • Class Schedule

  • Exam Schedule

  • Internal Message Board

  • Calendar Management

  • Events Management

  • Mail / SMS

  • Student Promotion

  • Student Attendance

  • Staff Attendance

  • Leave Application

  • Hostel Management

  • HR Management

  • Library Management

  • Transportation

  • Accounting

  • Fee Management

  • Online Fee

  • Payment Gateway

  • Multi-Language

  • Multi Themes

  • Create Pages

  • SMS Gateway

Why do schools love Smart School Manager?

Do all this and more with your School Management Software

Free Mobile-Friendly School Website

It also comes with a free mobile-friendly responsive school website.

Today, more than ever, people are spending more and more time on the Internet. So having a website for a school is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The image of the school is something significant. And a website allows you to represent it as you want. And if the website is modern, professional. And rich in quality information. That will surely enhance the school. And improve its brand image.

Software Website Includes:

  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Easy to use Website Editor
  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • Add Unlimited Images
  • Multiple Design
  • FAQ
  • Events
  • Contact Form
  • Map
  • Admission Form
  • Banner Slider
  • Call to Action Button
  • Social Media Button
  • SEO Friendly

Smart Learning Management System (LMS)

It comes with a powerful learning management system platform. That allows teachers to create and manage the online study material. Homework, assignments, syllabus, and interact with students. And it helps your students learn when and where their schedules allow.

Academics Management with Smart Software

Smart School System allows a school, college, and institute to manage the day-to-day academic work efficiently.

Academic Management Includes:

  • Online Admission
  • Student Fee Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Profile
  • Student Login Information
  • Student Login Information
  • Student SMS Notifications
  • Mark Sheets
  • Student Home Work
  • Student Assignments
  • Student History
  • Class Time Table
  • Exam Time Table
  • Course Info
  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Exam Attendance
  • Leave request & approval
  • Attendance SMS to parents
  • Class and sections mapping
  • Time table
  • Class Subjects
  • Subject Assigning
  • Class Teacher Assigning
  • Exam Arrangements
  • Book Title and Description
  • ISBN base Record
  • Total Books
  • Books Issue Requests
  • Issued Books record
  • Book return and Fine
  • Book Categories
  • Stock count
  • Authors Record
  • Book price and price list
  • Driver Licence Information
  • Vehicle Number
  • Routes
  • Routes Schedule
  • Driver Information
  • Vehicle & Student Allocation
  • & much more!

The Accounting Solution for your School

It allows you to manage your school finances easily. Schools around the world adopt it. It is easy, user-friendly, and adapts to all your needs.

Do more and do better with school management software. And the Accounting features of the software Record your income, enter your expenses, generate accounting reports. And All the tools you need to get your finances up to date in one place at all times.

Accounting Management Includes:

  • Students Fee Collection
  • Paid vs. Due Analysis
  • Financial Graphs
  • Payment Slip
  • Generate student Fee
  • Fee Control
  • Income & expenses
  • Dues Control System
  • Fee statement
  • Fees Master

A Powerful School ERP Software for HR & Payroll Management!

It ensures day-to-day management. Payroll and the HR administrative management of the staff of your school. HR & payroll management offers you many possibilities. And in line with the working methods of each user. And the most complex payroll situations in your school.

HR & Payroll Management Includes:

  • Staff Directories & Login Profiles
  • Staff Payroll
  • Staff Leave Control Management
  • Leave Applications & Approvals
  • Staff Designation
  • Department
  • Staff New Entries
  • Salary Slip
  • Employees Deductions
  • Employees Attendance

Detailed Reports with Software

It allows school, college, or institute. Quickly generate detailed reports of various administrative and school operations.

It offers you the report module , which allows you to plan and generate detailed. Reports to recover the right data at the right time.

School administration software can also create personalized reports. And it meets your specific needs to improve operational efficiency. The export module allows you to export Excel, CSV, and PDF files. Containing the information you select.

You can choose from a large number of predefined reports. And have a daily and quick overview of attendance, examination Management. And fees for better management of your school.

Benefits of Implementing the School Management System

Faced with the current challenges of school management. online school software system becomes essential:

School managers today face significant management challenges. From strategic management to daily school activities.

School management is multi-faceted work for school administrators. The amount of information and details to deal with daily is continuously increasing. The software creates to provide an excellent solution to such management challenges. Let's see what it is exactly. What can be the added value of such a management solution? On the operation and development of a school.

What is the school erp system?

It is a tool. Capable of managing all the business processes of a school. Admission to school management in all its details. It contributes to the storage, processing. And digital analysis of all information. It is thus a system instrument. which assists school managers in optimizing the management of current operations. Such as the management of enrollments. The collection of tuition and collection fees. The control of exams and grades. Exams, assessments, homework, notifications. Thanks to several integrated modules.

School management system manages the following processes:

  • Manage communication with "potential students," i.e., manage contact with students before admission.
  • Manage registrations.
  • Create new student files. Assign the relevant processes to them (profile, level, class, timetable, fees, etc.)
  • Manage exams, assessments, homework, grades.
  • Ensure the records of educational monitoring.
  • Maintain the register of absences and attendance.
  • Tracking of the attribution of assessments and individual performance monitoring.

School software can manage other processes. In some countries, it is compulsory according to the laws in force. For each school to have a reliable software.

Why use a online school software?

Supervision and management of school activities seen as complex tasks. Each department/service must manage to ensure. Not only it's proper functioning, but also it's the best functioning.

Administrative tasks need proper attention to the management of the school. The school administration faces many types of challenges every day. And Many Different kinds of tools and techniques available. And That can help to manage school processes more effectively.

A good software can make your life easier. It reduces processing time and increases the accuracy and efficiency of work.

The following list of what best school management software can do:

  • It takes care of most of the tasks. Keeps asking and consuming the attention of administrators.
  • Dematerialize all processes. All the documentary heritage of the school for better access, processing, and analysis.
  • Archive data from previous academic years. Profiles of the school's student and any other documentation not in use.
  • Create links and synchronize the operation between different processes using the same data.
  • It Facilitates access to data and generation of reports.
  • Centralize, on the same platform, all the functioning of a school.

What can real results expect from the software?

The administrative workload reduced by almost 80%. The tools and techniques made available to users by high-performance software. Help automate administrative tasks and considerably minimize processing time.

The quality of academic follow-up improved. In a school, one of the main functions is to monitor with the highest care. And the “individual academic progress” of the student. It has various monitoring features. And it helps to improve the monitoring and control of educational tracking.

Communication between school stakeholders facilitated. The school app automates most of the information. To be communicated to administrators, teachers, heads of departments, students, and parents.

Benefits of the software for teachers:

Teachers will be able to manage. Through a dedicated interface, the flow of information intended for pupils and parents:

  • Educational follow-up
  • Exams
  • The notes
  • Remarks
  • Course materials
  • The absences
  • Homework
  • The statutes… etc.

The manual management of the information causes problems with slowness and errors. And which can, by amplification, lead to severe consequences.

Benefits of the software for students and their parents:

Students will be able, through a dedicated interface. To access all information about them:

  • Schedules
  • School emails
  • New Arrivals
  • School calendar
  • Educational follow-up
  • Absences and delays
  • Course materials
  • School homework
  • Planning exams
  • The notes
  • Teachers' remarks
  • Sending comments/complaints to the school administration… and much more.

Time is money

In these times, when there are so many institutes. And many options for students. Even go to study abroad, you have to spend a lot of money on admissions. And to ensure that your institution has a solid reputation. You need to invest heavily in quality staff. After all these investments, why do you want your staff to devote so much time to manual labor? Don't you want to save everyone's time and energy for operational work processes? And help them use this time for more productive work. And your ultimate goal, namely "academic excellence"?

Your students and staff are already using the Internet and digital smartphones.

We are in the digital age. And all your staff and students are already using smartphones and websites. Do they not deserve to receive all the information. From the institute on their daily activities online. And or on their mobile via a mobile application? When you teach the benefits of technology to your students. Why don't you follow it yourself?

All your staff should follow best practices.

If you are not working on a school ERP system, your best staff will work on uniquely followed strategies. And you will not be so good that the staff will follow a poor process. Why don't you allow everyone to follow best practices for everyone by using a centralized software? And to reduce the gap between the working styles of your staff. And allow everyone to follow the best practices integrated into your software? Through Software, all your records, reports, and analyzes will be in similar formats, which will make things easier to manage.

Increase student and staff satisfaction

The more information, So the anxiety and confusion are less.

Faster information makes faster and better decision making.

The school software offers all members of your campus. The possibility of having transparent. And real-time information on the daily problems that concern them. And that keeps all stakeholders more informed, alert, and satisfied.

You cannot assess the performance of a student or staff member at once.

Without a smart software, you will always be dependent on feedback. And information from others before making a decision. If you meet a parent who asks you about the performance of the child who studies in your institute, and Can you tell him how regularly the pupil attends lessons? The fees paid, the frequency with which he goes to the library, what are his notes, etc.?

You will need to get a full assessment of the child from many services. Then you can analyze and respond to the parent. But if you have a software, ERP implemented, all this information is accessible at once.

The same applies when processing requests for staff evaluation. Without clear facts, you can give the age-weight to a person closer to you than to a more deserving person.

Make people responsible automatically.

When your staff knows that everything reports to you, it automatically every day in real-time. That brings responsibility. And once the system becomes accountable, all departments work in the great discipline. It is like having a CCTV camera, even if the camera turns off or not monitored all the time. The people under it are more disciplined about their work.

Specific records

You are an educational institution. You record exams, registration fees. Attendance, etc., must be 100% accurate at all times. Also, your software will solve your problem of data duplication. Because you will not need to keep the same records of students. And the staff in all departments and modify them separately throughout the year.

Your staff should focus more on student performance.

Do not just involve your staff in the operational process. And use the time to prepare reports and analyzes for you. All this should be done by software for them and you. School Software will produce many reports. Analyzes the performance of students. And staff members or from different departments.

Your brand reputation

Look at the other big institutions around you, give their students the advantages of a School ERP Software. Do students and staff have an identifier. That allows them to verify everything that concerns them? If they use Software, you shouldn't miss it, and if they aren't, you will benefit from the beginner's engine in your area.

Without a software, students and staff on your campus will sometimes feel that. They are not enjoying the benefits of technology. Why give them this feeling. And when you can solve this problem by having a school software and implemented in your institution.

Don't want growth?

If you want to stay focused only on your existing campus, and you are not looking for growth or expansion. Then you can avoid the decision to implement a Software. Because a successfully implemented software ERP will help you make better decisions. Help you train more responsible staff, more disciplined students, and many benefits. All this will motivate you to bring your institute to a higher quality in terms of academic merit. Your relaxation over time and your ease of decision. will help you implement your future growth plans faster and better.

What is right for you: being system dependent or dependent on a person?

Being a system dependent on software means you shouldn't have to worry. And if a staff member is unavailable the next day for any reason. Anyone else can start the same job from the time they left work before in the school app. You will, therefore, never be subject to the pressure of sole dependence.

Are you still using preprinted stationery?

If you always use preprinted stationery. For the receipt of taxes, note sheets, leave forms, etc., you are wasting too much of your resources. The School ERP system offers you the possibility of quickly generating this information. By the method, taking into account all daily format changes, if necessary.

It's not too late.

I am sure that you are still considering it on implementing a software in your institute. Sometimes you can feel like admissions are low, so let's put that off. Sometimes you may think that the current staff use to the old ways of working. So why disrupt the status quo. But you have to decide whether you want to take the bike and run as fast as you can or sit comfortably on it and ride it.

It is a tool, nowadays, essential for the management of a school. Schools can now take advantage of Software. Simplify, develop, and modernize their operations for better performance.

Now that you have known some of the various advantages. By using the online software. How about implementing a smart system in your school? Contact us to learn about the possibilities of our School Management System.

Amazing Experience

It allows you to manage all of your school activities. (student and teacher files, schooling, absences. homework, exams, timetable, enrollment, etc.) using school management tools. It is the best tool for managing school life for each institution. Wishing to develop with confidence and efficiency.

The complete software with Integrated management. All in one Solution.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable

Our Software is very easy to use. It is a Powerful and very Affordable Software. The software will be installed on your web hosting server. It is a web-based software. So you need not download any software. Just pay only one time. There are no monthly/yearly charges, No per student charges, and No hidden charges.

Use our Software for a lifetime. Without any renewal. And get world-class features much better than any other school software.

Suitable for any type of school

It is best suitable for all educational institutions. schools, universities, colleges, training centers, coaching institutes, or tuition centers. Which needs to manage students, teachers, and a whole lot more. Any educational institution of any size can use our software.

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